A Ladies Trip

With an 8am call time, us ladies were roaring to go.

My mom (left), myself (middle) and my oldest sister, Solomae (right), couldn’t get out of dodge fast enough.We are hard working women, with lots of children and  long days under our belts. R&R was the prescription the doctor ordered and we were taking it straight to the pharmacy, or in this instance, straight to Sonoma.

Our getaway was amazing, all encompassing the needs to rejuvenate us. Our footprint was vast…

Putwah Cafe (Winters, CA)- I indulged in a Bloody Mary with bacon before 10 am, the best huevos rancheros I have ever had, and a toffee blended coffee.

Sonoma Square (Sonoma, CA)– Our first stop was some cool and funky sock shop, the glasses we are all wearing in this picture we all picked up at this shop. We salivated in the kitchen store, perused the cheese factory and ended with iced teas at the corner coffee shop.

Sebastapool Merchants (Sebastapool, CA)– We headed into this cute little town and lost my sister to a tarot card reading (quite hilarious being that she never left the store)

Italian for dinner (somewhere in Santa Rosa)– We were starving by this point and headed into an authentic Italian restaurant with a beautiful view. The food was good, but you know the old saying, “There is nothing like mama’s cooking”

This trip was such a hit we decided to do this once a month. Where do you like to getaway for your ladies trips?

Happy Travels!

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