Gone are the late sleep-ins, sugary cereal for breakfast and the endless movie marathons of the summer days because school is in session.


We packed up like sardines in a can to beat the first of school hustle and bustle.

Every year, we have a tradition of gifting to the teacher from last year and the new teacher with a card.

This year, the kids chose to hand pain mason jars, fill them with expo markers and we wrote a cad that encouraged the teachers to have an “EXPOnential” year.. thank you Pintrest!

Here is what my creative kiddos created..


We prepared the kids 2 weeks prior to school by resetting our summer bad habits and getting back to bed on time. All of that hard work was a success because they were bright eyed and bushy tailed the first morning of school.

We were up so early we beat the chaotic kid rush and we were able to sneak in some family pics…


Daddy and a few of the kiddos


Mama Bear and the kiddos


How was your first day of school? Any cute stories to tell?

If so, comment down below…


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