I have these humans that, in my book, happen to be adorable. They all have very different style, but all so true to their style demands.


  1. Marley (left) is a fashionista to the most extreme. She crticis my wardrobe daily and she has a sporty, chic, and odd sense about her. She is known for mixing patterns, colors and going super casual at times.
  2. Demaris Jr. (middle), he is into the finer things like hats, bowties and nice shoes. Simple guy but pays attention to the details. His favorite clothing item has to be his shoes
  3. Layla’Ranes (right) this wild child is all about functionality, comfort, and whatever she puts on it must be simple, cool (She gets hot quick) and must be conducive to flipping around and twirling all day (leggings are required for her!)

IMG_20160811_070224 (2)

99% of my childrens clothes come from HM.COM. The quality is excellent and the prices are wonderful.


What do your kids like? Where do you shop for their clothes?


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