Marley’s Creamy Tortellini Soup

My mama taught us girls well. We didn’t know it at the time, nor do I think we truly appreciated what she was teaching us at the time, but what she taught us all int he kitchen, has proven to be the best knowledge ever passed down.

The art of cooking that is.

My earliest memory of cooking in the kitchen had to of been when I was 4 or maybe even younger. I was cooking my grandma Francis’ recipe for pumpkin pie- happens to be my favorite pie of all time to this day.

There were even a few retro pictures of us in the kitchen. My eyes swelled up with my tongue sticking out and a grin the size of Texas on my face, knowing that all the work I was putting into stirring would benefit me once I got a piece of that pie.

I have been cooking ever since. More importantly, I am passing down the legacy of cooking to my children. They all have a role in the house in relation to the kitchen, all age appropriate. Marley, who is now 8, can make a full meal with little guidance, as long as mama does the chopping.

Marley was given the direction to look on pintrest, find something she wanted to make us for dinner and I was her sous chef.

I have to say, I was one proud mama, she made this creamy tortellini soup that was to die for!

Do you put your kids to work in the kitchen? What age did they/ will they start?


5 thoughts on “Marley’s Creamy Tortellini Soup

  1. When my girls were too young to cook, I sat the on the counter. They could watch and I could talk to them the whole time, giving them pearls of cooking wisdom as my mother had done to me. I began cooking my own breakfast at age 3 with supervision around the electric skillet. By age 10 I was cooking in our family’s weekend restaurant.


  2. You must be one proud mother 😊 My little ones seem to have learnt to cook in bits and pieces. They can stir batter, pour and spread pancakes, roll out flatbread, steam rice & veggies in a saucepan and of course bake cupcakes!


    1. Priya@MasalaVegan I love that. Yes, I think it is best to teach them in increments for sure. Just like my mom taught us. Once you master the stirring, you move on to cracking eggs, rolling out dough etc. The true excitement in my culinary training from my mother was the introduction to spices. She too has a blog called Sassafrasspantry. and a website with really inexpensive gourmet spices called I have seen what you do in the kitchen, you would love her site. Thank you for your comments! Let your children know, I too share the love of cupcakes!

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