Saturday Morning Breakfast

If I had to choose one day that is my sweet spot… Saturday early morning would be it.

I live for Saturdays, about the 4:00 am hour. Not a peep in the house, the family is still snoozing away. I tip-toe into the kitchen, start my french press coffee process, put on a cozy robe and slippers and at some point, make a hearty breakfast.

As a kid breakfast was my ultimate favorite meal of the day. Even more so now because I don’t have time to eat breakfast often (I know, I am a naughty girl)

BUT… When I do have the time, I make breakfast count.

Perfectly toasted buttermilk break, creamy avocado spread and sprinkled with kosher salt, pepper and a sprinkling of crushed red pepper, a fried egg with a very soft and runny middle yoke and a wonderful spiced coffee with coconut cream.

Saturday… thank you!


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