“The Girl With the Flu, and Her Breakfast Request..”

Layla’ranes is a warrior of sorts, she is mighty, and bold yet meek and timid.She has an inner strength that is unprecedented. So when this 7 year old gets sick and complains, mama bear gets worried- the girl doesn’t ever complain.

By Sunday morning she had been down with the flu and had been battling respiratory issues for 4 days. Her little white flag waved steadily in the air- surrendering to the need of some T.L.C.

I stopped everything I was doing and said, “What do you need me to do baby girl?” Her request, simple yet complex for a human of her size and age.

She says, “I’ll take vanilla pancakes, with berries, lots of syrup, sausage and green juice. Oh, annnnnnd, I know you like to look at your magazines first, but since I am not feeling well, I was wondering, can I look at your magazine? Oh and, can I have it on the tray you take pictures with?”

She asked…and she received.

Guess what? She is feeling much better!

What tricks do you all have to get your kiddos to feeling better in no time?


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