An Intense Hot Soak & A Good Book-My New “Thing”

Since Wednesday night, I have been plagued with the radiating pain of my sciatica. If you haven’t experienced this before, call yourself lucky.

Its a hot, numbing, intense pain that travels up and down the back of your leg, lower back, hip and in my case, up my back. It went on so long, it resulted in an epic migraine, I will surely not forget.

I am a girl with a holistic healing arsenal, Saturday night, I pulled one of my good old tricks from my bag of holistic helpers.  It worked!

This wasn’t just a bath and a book. I turned the water as hot as I could get it, I added a pain and tension bath salt soak, lit a candle and turned off all the lights. Now, combine meditation, the temperature of hot yoga, and a really really good read. That was my remedy.

It was so hot it was hard to focus, but I did. This is now a weekly routine for me.

I am feeling much better and I cannot put this book down.


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