Curried Chickpea Pitas- A Big Nod to a Great Cookbook…

I cannot be the only one who considers a few hours, perusing the cookbook isle at Barnes and Noble as equivalent to gold- am I?

I frequent the bookstore with my kids, they love books, and creative environments, and I love cooking, cookbooks, well, anything that has to do with food, really. My normal routine is to grab a cup of really hot coffee from the cafe, coral the children, get them settled with books, and then I pile a mile high stack of really good cookbooks, and make my way to a little nook in a corner.

I am a mama bear so I generally settle somewhere, where I can oversee my babies, but then, it is time to entrench myself in the cookbooks.

Most recently, I stumbled across a plant based cookbook called, “Oh She Glows Every Day”.. I had to have it. My goal this year, is to have cooked every single recipe from this cookbook. I have had this cookbook less than a month, and I have already made about 7 recipes, all are delicious.

This recipe was one of my favorites, kid friendly too.Think of the consistency of tuna, or egg salad, but super healthy, filling, full of healing properties, and a kick!

A must buy!



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