Fajita Bowls- A Healthy Approach…

Mexican is not my favorite cuisine, Ethiopian has that by a landslide- but Mexican food is my number two.

As I have gotten older, I have narrowed down what I will and wont eat (regularly) and have devoted a lot of time to the “deconstructed” approach to any meal (really) so that I can still enjoy foods I love, but to make them healthier, without anyone realizing it.

My take on fajitas are pictured above. Isn’t she a beauty?

Here is how I deconstructed the classic fajita:

Forget about the tortillas- just do it!

For the base of this bowl, rather than using rice, make a blend of brown rice and quinoa with a bit of garlic.

Top with sauteed bell peppers (REd and green) as well as caramelized purple onions (They are sweeter)

Next up, black beans, corn and vegan shredded cheese (The Daiya brand is the best, you wont even notice the difference.)

Top with vegan sour cream (tofutti), salsa and a squeeze of 1-2 lemon and/or lime wedges.

If you are worried about the vegan aspects (all you carnivores) trust me, you wont miss it. The kids devoured it, and didn’t notice a thing.

Finally, you don’t have to feel guilty about seconds.



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