Nail Therapy- A Practice For All Mamas…

I am 33, with 5 kids, 4 of them 8 and under.

Each year, I have tried to acquire balance, in all aspects of my life.

That is a daunting task-isn’t it?

I will share, in other blog posts to come, how I de-stress. One way that I have managed my own stress, is by taking time every few days to do my nails.

I know what you are thinking, “Oh yeah Char, we will get right on that! As soon as we can find more time in our day.” I get it! But trust me ladies, this one is vital and really works.

I wait until my nails look a wreck (Every 3-4 days), and put the kids to bed. Once the house is quiet, the night cleaning is done, and I have showered and changed into comfy pj’s, I whip out my manicure basket.

I buff, clip and wash my hands, then get to painting. There is something to be said about a good 15-20 minutes of painting your nails. Your mind wanders, you are thinking about nothing else, but staying “in the lines”, coating appropriately and you can do a brain dump.

This helps by not only turning your brain off at the end of a hard night, but when you wake up in the morning and realize you have nice bright, clean nails, it perks you up immediately.

By the way, I test out lots of polish. I wouldn’t recommend the wet n wild wonder gel (no UV light needed) chips almost instantly. However, This was my first time trying the Sally Hansen miracle thickener… which is a winner. My nails feel great!


Do you have any nail tips or any de-stress tips you can share with me?



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