Creamy Peanut Butter, Berry and Coconut Hot Oats…

I recently visited a friends house, they converted their garage into a dining room. They have the best house!

Inside the dining room, they have the cutest bay window that lines the front of the dining room, facing the street. Sarah- my friend, stacked different sizes of candles in the bay window as well.

I am an imaginative person- and boy did my brain go wandering when I saw this set up.

I imagined curling up, in that window, with a women’s devotional on a rainy day and thought of this oats recipe I created. Something that soothes ones soul.

Make it!

Make your standard oats how you normally do (I prefer steel cut oats for the crunch with soy milk-not water)

On the bottom of your bowl, slap a good dollop of nut butter (peanut, cashew, almond, whatevs), then pour those hot oats on top and mix in the butter from the bottom.

Top with berries of your choice, granola (the good stuff would be ancient grains) and “Dang” Coconut chips. Lastly, drizzle that flowery honey on top.

Now, go grab your devotional, a blanket, and curl up in that bay window, that corner, that nook, that sliver of heaven you created in your house, just for you!



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