Lemon and Tuna Chiappas..Jamie Oliver (YouTube)

I was in a mood last Saturday night. I am unsure of what to call it. It wasn’t a funk- or maybe it was. Needless to say, it lit a fire in me to get creative, try somehting new, and light a candle.

That is what I did!

As much as I love the guy and his mission on healthy eating for all (especially for children), I don’t own any of Jamie Oliver’s cookbooks- I know, a real chef no-no.

He is a one-of-a-kind, a family guy first, and in my opinion, a revolutionary in the realm of healthy food. I was watching him over a decade ago, when he was advocating for healthy food in his teeny tiny home with a kitchen garden. I loved him then.

So to sort out the mood I was in, I when to his channel, YouTube, and searched for something zesty, citrusy and fishy. Alas- Lemon and Tuna Chiappas. Did I mention a kid favorite and SUPER DUPER CHEAP!

Youtube it, do it, it’s a sauce that literally takes 60 seconds.


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