She Runs Errands- OOTD…

With 3 kids to get ready and out the door, and a day that was to be spent organizing and to myself, little time was in place to get myself “Ready” for a day full of errands.

My kids always want me to make sure I look “cute” especially if I will be spending anytime with them at their school, or in public.

I love reading blog posts about moms-on-the-go and how they stay looking presentable amidst the chaos.

This particular day, I did a huge bun, wing (subtle) eyeliner, this cute old navy flannel, and leggings with brown boots.

What is your errand running outfit of the day?


2 thoughts on “She Runs Errands- OOTD…

  1. So the mornings I work in the office it’s super easy – throw on scrubs and put the hair up – today I actually had to wear real clothes and get out the door at 7 so I went with a grey top with a black sweater, black pants and black boots with a grey knitted hat to avoid doing anything with my hair!


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