Well Hello, Sunday Morning…

Sunday morning makes me feel a certain kind of way.

It’s a slower day (mentally anyway), a day I try to take more time, cater to my loved ones more, and spend even more time in the kitchen than I do in the week.

When I was growing up I correlated food with feelings, emotions,  how to express gratitude through food and how to receive love- a true foodie, huh?

Pancakes were the epitome of someone showing me love, in my 6 year old brain. I used to think pancakes were a 5 star chef kind of experience. I was quite the pancake critic as well, really good pancakes had to be thin, fluffy in the middle, swirls of darkeness over the top (just on the brink of burn marks-but not quite) and crispy edges all the way around.

I do this for my kids on Sundays- hoping it will evoke the same emotion, excitement and the feeling of love. I even welcome the critique I once gave as a kid- and trust me, with the clan I have, they are full of criticism for me.

I don’t always make pancakes on Sundays, sometimes I make eggs and toast and the accompanied by the perfect crusted bacon, or a good quiche on Easter, every now and then bread rolls, sausage and over easy eggs. A favorite of my minis- avocado toast and sunny side up eggs.

I guess what I am saying is, on Sunday, I try to serve up pure nostalgia.

What is your Sunday breakfast vibe?


2 thoughts on “Well Hello, Sunday Morning…

  1. Ours varies- toast, eggs and fruit is always a quick last minute breakfast on Sunday. I’m more likely to make fresh waffles over pancakes, sometimes grits with bacon and eggs, sometimes eggs Benedict, breakfast potatoes, breakfast burritos…


    1. Steph, I love love love grits! Thank you for the reminder, I havent bought them in forever. I saw a recipe on pintrest where you take pre made cinnamon rolls and roll them out, then press them on a waffle iron… i am intrigued. Maybe you and your family could try this out as well?


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