Misen Plas- Vegan Shepherd’s Pie…

The term Misen Plas is a French culinary term meaning- putting in place. I have taught my kids the importance of hand washing and this before even entering the kitchen.

I do this with all of my meals I cook, beforehand.

You look through your recipe, prep your ingredients, and lay them out neatly. THEN, and only then, are you ready to cook.

Of course, I made yet another recipe from my favorite cookbook, Oh she Glows- Every Day. It was the healthiest, easiest comfort food. My husband loved it.

I encourage you all to go out an buy this cookbook- cant include the recipe because I think you will thank  me later when you go out and get it.

It had a deep flavorful sauce with wine and mushrooms, and veg.

A WONDERFUL TOASTED TOPPING.. IT WAS GLORIOUS. I achieved the toasty brown color by way of the broiler for about 6 minutes (you can do less if you want a more golden look)


Did I mention I made this “Cozy Gravy” (VEGAN) from this cookbook. No clumps, it was thick and silky, and smooth. It was gold in a bottle.



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