Crockpot Cooking- Busy Weekend

I am 33 now.

I am not able to get 48 hours of work done in less than 24 hours. I have to be strategic, be methodic, deliberate and work smarter, not harder. In essence, I have succumbed to adulting in big way.

I took a look at the week (on a normal week that is).

I identified 3 days per week that are slammed. No room to squeeze an elaborate meal, no time for even the slightest pit stop, these are the days where if you get off track, even for the moment, it results in a day from… well, you know the place.

Mondays (generally soccer days), Wednesdays (review day for homework x3 kids) and Sundays (church) are all days we implement the easiest methods for preparing dinner.

Whoever invented the crockpot… I love you.

This is a go to, healthy, high in protein meal for my family.

Do you have a go to, homemade crockpot meal you fancy?


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