Trying Something New w/ The Kids…

It’s the weekend. It’s early. It’s 6 am. THE KIDS ARE WIDE AWAKE!!

They want breakfast. Did I mention its 6 am on a weekend?

Here lies the problem. My husband and I work hard, and very long hours at times. We want to “sleep in”- ya know, till 8 am, especially on the weekend.

We are trying out a new method.. one day in, so far, so … okay?!

Every weekend, we are requiring a “quiet time” as our early risers awaken. The rule is, they have to find something quiet to do in the morning until 9 am. Once 9 am rolls around, breakfast will be made.

They stirred, and jumps- off furniture. They giggled, and fought a bit, but they stayed in bed until 7:35 (still winning in my book!)

I woke up, and Marley and I rustled up belgian waffles, with warm syrup.

I cannot wait to see how this goes next weekend, and every weekend to come 🙂

Do you have methods you have instilled for weekend rest? Fun?

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