70 Days of Hand Lettering Devotional- Day

To all the sinners out there, raise your hand. We all sin, even when we walk the straight and narrow, sin creeps up because we aren't perfect-only Jesus was. It can be daunting knowing we are sinners, always will sin and are probably sinning now. Don't be afraid, confess your sins and He will forgive. [...]


Cuban Lentil Chili w/ Cornbread Waffles

My goal, while raising my tribe, is to encourage them to view healthy food with a different lense. I want to expand their palette and teach them healthy habits. My hope is it keeps them leading healthy lives and that they pass my legacy of cooking down to their children. In order to do this, [...]

Kids Birthday Bash-OOTD

Rocco's best friend turns 4 today. They have been best friends since birth, literally. I knew I would be chasing kids down, jumping, running and doing a lot of corralling so I need a comfortable outfit to make it through the day. Jeggings from H&M. shirt from an online boutique - just so I [...]

Healthy Overnight Oats On-the-Go

If you are busy, spend more time transporting kids in the car than you do slaving away in the kitchen this is the perfect breakfast for you. Take 2 cups of rolled oats, chop up a handful of dried apricots, a handful of cranberries, 1 tablespoon of this seeds and throw them all in a [...]

Trying Something New w/ The Kids…

It's the weekend. It's early. It's 6 am. THE KIDS ARE WIDE AWAKE!! They want breakfast. Did I mention its 6 am on a weekend? Here lies the problem. My husband and I work hard, and very long hours at times. We want to "sleep in"- ya know, till 8 am, especially on the weekend. We [...]

Super Savings…Just In Time for Spring (HAUL!)

Let's face it, Spring is right around the corner. If you are like me, you have nothing to wear. Not only do I not have anything to wear, multiply that by the fact that I have lost a dress size, so whatever I did have, doesn't fit the same. Action was needed, and fast. Here [...]

A Balanced Breakfast for a Large Family-Sunday Morning Eats…

Sunday morning is a morning we are often pressed for time. My kids are always exceptionally hungry Sunday mornings as well. I needed to make something filling, something they wanted but I also desperately wanted to balance their desires (syrup and meat) with my desire to feed them something healthy. I baked some sausage (no [...]